Massive Operation


I’m blogging from my phone as a means of procrastination cause, I’m halfway through a spring cleaning session of my room. Seeing that spring has long gone, you can say that this cleaning is a severely overdue one.

Siqi’s typical cleaning process:

1. Identify target area
2. Strip said area of everything
3. Marvel at (almost) everything being stripped
4. Take pictures and blog about them

It’s not the most efficient workflow but… hahaha. Erm, anyway here are some interesting things I’ve unearthed 90 minutes into “cleaning”:


SP Enrolment Package! Feels like I was a freshman just yesterday. Three years sure flew by.


SP Freshman Orientation stuff, in contrast with my Graduation Package, which I haven’t even had time to open (-_-“)


AMKSS Student Handbook, LOLOL! Habits of Mind, anyone?


All my O Level papers. Now, don’t even ask why I even keep these……….



Pretty accurate descriptions of my old pals in secondary school. Huimin is so gonna kill me.

After 90 minutes into spring cleaning, I have come to a few conclusions:

1. I used to be super childish and was even lamer than I was childish.
2. Maybe I still am childish and lame because I couldn’t stop laughing at those lame things I found.
3. Why do I have so many files??!?!!!
4. I’m a hoarder

I dunno what to do with all my bulky ring files. Too much man, too much!

Spring cleaning is a tiring operation. Time for lunch before I continue. Or not. Hehehehehe.


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