Delightful little things

Managed to unearth a couple more interesting finds while cleaning today


A tonne of both my brothers’ Primary Six worksheets. I realised today, that all three of us were once from the same class, 6B! Different schools though, haha.

I spent the entire morning sifting through their worksheets and laughing my ass off at some of their compositions, kekeke. The thing I found most hilarious of all, is that I came across a secondary one geography exam script belonging to Kang Wei (EGG’s friend). I showed it to EGG and told him it’s never too late to return something, certainly not twelve years. I’m so curious as to how Kang Wei will react upon getting his paper back. HAHA.


DGG’s PSLE Practice Questions (1989 – 1993) I wasn’t even born! LOL!


DGG’s beautiful handwriting


EGG’s violins


Seeing this made me feel like having just met a very old friend whom I haven’t met in a million years.


Found my very own Super Yo-yo in one of the drawers, hehehe! I remember it had costed a bomb back then, and EGG still bought it for me :,)


Lastly, a huge chart depicting the first 152 Pokemons (in Japanese!) Cool right!

I feel like my house is as cluttered as Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.


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