July, August, September 2014

What, it’s mid-October already??!

July was somewhat a five-week month and I spent the bulk of it struggling with juggling two jobs. Everyday I found myself in doubt, wondering how I am to survive two more months of working seven days a week. It was so mentally exhausting, I eventually pleaded with Dr Ban to let me quit at the end of August :p

 photo IMG_7439_zps4d5b0d4b.jpg

Got a day off due to Hari Raya Puasa falling on a weekday. Family outing to Botanical Gardens.

The first three weeks of August remained equally depressing. Clay, flowers and Harry Potter were all that kept me sane.

 photo IMG_7475_zpsd91fa6ba.jpg

 photo IMG_7521_zps582859bc.jpg

 photo IMG_7548_zps464cd5bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7596_zpsb975e0b7.jpg

 photo 89f6a818-7151-4fa6-a162-ae4e466b80ef_zps7124def9.jpg

 photo IMG_7727_zpsee655552.jpg

 photo IMG_7729_zps18b59dc0.jpg

 photo IMG_7794_zpsd230e3cc.jpg

Melanie and I got reprimanded by Hitler during my last week at IMCB – we were too naive. And Ailing treated us to a farewell lunch at Big Mama.

 photo IMG_7575_zps4f058ace.jpg

 photo IMG_7577_zps42930bc4.jpg

 photo 4576b3d1-2e55-4f09-9ce8-ddec129bd14c_zpsb0cf87c6.jpg

Surprise from colleagues at the flower shop. Cheryl and June even wrapped me a birthday hamper!* :’) EGG also returned from Beijing (for good?).

Just when I thought I could finally get started on the portfolio, September got consumed by spring cleaning, house renovations and wedding preparations. My favourite month was gone in just a blink of an eye.

 photo IMG_7592_zpsdb7e9fd2.jpg

Didn’t even get to say goodbye to the faithful desk which served me for 11 years.

 photo IMG_7615_zps8428d3bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7616_zps2f3294e5.jpg

 photo IMG_7617_zpsf6ff29cb.jpg

 photo IMG_7618_zpsde836ce5.jpg

 photo IMG_7619_zps3745e59c.jpg

 photo IMG_7620_zps05589a47.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zps3de886ce.jpg

 photo IMG_7622_zpsd3c7126a.jpg

 photo IMG_7623_zps71e63e07.jpg

Food tasting at Pan Pacific

 photo IMG_7629_zps21b9551f.jpg

Lola’s cafe with Victor and Wenjin before Victor’s enlistment

 photo IMG_7676_zpsed0a5d13.jpg

Ziying jiejie’s wedding. Tried to get the little imp to wear a shirt but he cried like crazy. HAHAHA.

 photo 9c89e96e-9e44-48a6-acd5-1f718d73cff1_zpsbe9e0dca.jpg

Grub with Madeline and Olivia. Grainy.

Other miscellaneous pictures:

 photo IMG_7533_zpsfd04d4b7.jpg


 photo IMG_7805_zpsad9a641d.jpg

Popping bubble wrap is serious business!

 photo IMG_7709_zps0c8064d5.jpg

KB Lab interns

 photo IMG_7782_zps42d58cef.jpg

EGG’s masterpiece featuring me in his room, lol!

 photo IMG_7692_zpsdc9cae1a.jpg

 photo IMG_7693_zps02fcdc6c.jpg


 photo e98ac93e-293c-4f41-a774-4329c327358d_zps7ea2db55.jpg

I died a little inside when I decided to upload this. First ever attempt at watercolour and I tried painting a landscape haha! 不自量力 :p

 photo IMG_7790_zpsd58fd42c.jpg

Second and third attempts. Forget landscapes, let’s try something a little more manageable!

 photo IMG_7912_zps160e1166.jpg

With the other receptionist 🙂

Now, half of October has vanished! Three and a half more months to submission, please let there be no more distractions and procrastination :p

*which remains unopened, hahaha


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