The wedding banquet at Medan was scheduled to be held on 9th October. EGG, Tiwi and I reached four days earlier to tie up any loose ends, while the rest of the family were to fly over only on the 8th. Alas, a series of unfortunate events, this trip turned out to be.

1. Detention at Kualanamu Airport

 photo 769f6e84-a9b0-4d8d-aa7a-410424ce25dd_zps12e7ecf4.jpg

 photo cd399c48-5095-4c89-8610-617c26436dbf_zps8efe3d9f.jpg

 photo 4cccb4fc-9b59-44cb-8097-c77778444074_zpsb4b79cd2.jpg

where N = price of branded items, x = random percentage, #!@&* = crazy amount to pay

No official forms were used, just good old normal A4 paper.
For all we know, this might be what’s really happening:

 photo 0e86d27b-a2d9-4283-8a13-adf1a9111a13_zps13876f49.jpg

2. Stomach Flu

 photo 6daac46a-c0c3-48aa-a60e-ea0a8203da95_zps67613fa7.jpg

It definitely wasn’t the heavenly duck bee hoon (DAMN GOOD, I TELL YOU!) or the satay padang. Even if it was, it’d be well worth the while. Haha.

3. Retinal Detachment

Auntie’s retina detached completely the day after the banquet, probably due to lack of rest and stress. Immediate medical attention was required, meaning that she had to fly to Singapore ASAP. But…

4. Volcano Eruption

 photo d22d8939-622b-4cd8-abe6-e3b4f4565347_zpsb4dadd52.jpg

On our second day there, Mt. Sinabung decided to join in the celebrations too. Its enthusiasm led to…

5. Flight Delays/Cancellations

As a result, a whole lot of guests (Mum, DGG, SJJ, BB, Ahmah, Sargou, Dagu, Daguzhang, Ahyi, Yizhang, Jaya and Tiwi’s colleagues) couldn’t make it to the banquet and I was EGG’s only family member/guest/VIP at the Medan reception!

 photo 4e9de412-9242-45e4-86ea-846a29eee65c_zps4f9ca144.jpg

A blur picture would have to suffice because I haven’t got the deceased scanner replaced.

Flight reschedule also meant delayed treatment for Auntie’s eye and a possibility that EGG, Tiwi and I couldn’t make it back in time for the banquet in Singapore. Thankfully, however, we did. Though the experience wasn’t one easily forgettable. Auntie’s eye operation also went smoothly thanks to minmin jiejie’s help in appointing a good eye surgeon.

Conclusion: What. A. Trip.


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