What was I thinking

The lock button on my 4S has been officially dead for quite some time now. The only way to start up the pathetic phone is to wait for its battery to drain and then plug it into a power source.

Yesterday, the phone did not revive automatically after being plugged into the charger!!! I freaked out and bashed the lock button frantically with a pair of scissors, not unlike a caveman if cavemen had access to scissors then. Needless to say, the crude method did not work.

After finally having calmed down a little, my usual *coughs* sensible and composed self returned and told me to Google the solution. So easy! Why hadn’t I thought of that before wasting energy trashing the phone around ?!

Anyway, thanks to Google and smart Internet people, my phone awakened from its death.

The sensible self then advised me to back up my stuff. And I found all these random thoughts (?) in the Notes app while heeding her advice.


I think that string of number belongs to a pau shop. You know, just keeping some buns readily available in case I get a sudden craving for them.


Said earpiece is currently resting in peace in my dustbin, buried deep under a tiny mountain of scrap paper from a mini project which I’ve been working on. Shhhh, do not disturb.



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