Harry Potter stuff

I learn something new every time I read Harry Potter.

The fourth and last time I re-read the entire series was in July, when I was trying to run away from my sad life of having to work seven days a week and not having a moment of alone time. Perhaps this time round, I had threw myself so deeply into the world of magic that I started noticing and thinking about a few things which I hadn’t notice nor thought of before.

1. Mad Eye Moody knows how a Boggart looks like when it is alone.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Lupin told the class that no one knows the true form of a Boggart. However, this was debunked in Order of Phoenix when Mrs Weasley got Mad Eye to check if there was a Boggart in the cabinet upstairs using his magical eye.

2. Would Harry still be able to speak Parseltongue now that the piece of Voldermort’s soul in him is gone?

3. Griphook must be so mad to have finally gotten the Sword of Gryffindor, only to have it disappear for Neville to pull out of the Sorting Hat. I know Griphook died in the movie but there are no evidence in the book stating that he did die. I don’t think he’ll be stupid enough to return to Malfoy Manor right? Anyway, whether or not he dies, poor Griphook sure doesn’t get to keep his precious sword for long, LOL.

4. Harry, Ron and Hermione could have cast a second Fidelius Charm on Grimmauld place. Right? So it is either the spell was too complex for Hermione, or two Fidelius Charms cannot be cast to protect a single secret place, or they hadn’t thought about it at all.

5. Why can’t either Lily or James act as their own Secret Keeper to Godric’s Hollow when Bill could be the Secret Keeper to Shell Cottage? Because if they did, there would be no story to tell.

Interesting 🙂 I must have been blind not to spot all these the last three times.


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter stuff

  1. Until now, I can’t stop my feels in regards with the HP Series. And I can’t even stop asking myself like, what happened to their kids after they sent them to Platform 9 3/4…


    • Me too! I’m really really curious as to what kinds of lives they are all living, though they are probably having tonnes of fun with all sorts of magic in Hogwarts!


  2. Thanks for following my blog! And its si strange that you just followed me as i just finished watching Chamber of Secrets about 10 mins ago. Fun tidbits of info. I havent reread the series since 2 yrs ago!


    • Hi! I absolutely love your floral designs, they are so gorgeous! Anyway, I’m a newbie florist just started learning on the job, so I could totally relate to what you were saying about the high stress levels encountered when customers are pressed for time and they make high demands. At the end of the day, it’s still well-worth the stress when the customers like our creations 🙂


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