I don’t need you anymore

It’s been a few months since I deleted ALL* social media apps from my 4S.

And I am still surviving much happier.

I’ve always been fine without Facebook. Ever since the removal of Restaurant City and Geo Challenge, that is. Life without Twitter is pretty bearable too – no longer am I obliged to read numerous summaries of happenings in people’s life. I used to only turn to Tumblr when I’m feeling super miserable. It’s kind of like a tranquilizer in a way, just scrolling and reblogging until you stop feeling feelings. Now, instead of running from those feelings, I am able to confront them with paper and pen – more constructive this way. Surprisingly, the best purge for me is Instagram. I didn’t realize how I was so obsessed (?) before quitting and I can’t believe how much happier I am without it!

Of course I’m still interested in my friends’ lives. But I’d much rather see the words tumbling out from their mouths and their sounds flowing into my ears directly, thank you very much.

Quitting was quite easy for me actually, maybe because I’m so damn lazy. What I did was only to sign out of all my accounts before deleting the evil little things from my phone and bookmarks bar then I magically stopped going to them as typing the address and signing in apparently requires too much effort on my part, LOL.

Instagram, you evil monster, I don’t need you anymore. HAHA TAKE THAT!

*Not including Whatsapp, Telegram and Pinterest.

In my defence, Whatsapp is lagging so badly on my granny of a phone that I don’t even bother checking it anymore. I’ve only got one alive conversation in Telegram. I’m not a big fan of Pinterest.

*Oh, I forgot WordPress.

You know, it has become my only social outlet and I’m loving it more than ever. No one I know in real life finds me here anymore, at least that’s what I think. Well, even if they do, it is only occasionally, and I am happy like this. In fact, WordPress is enriching okay because I get to read about people from other parts of the world and the everything and anything they write about.

*YouTube too.

Guilty as charged, teehee! :p


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