Cymbidiums are beautiful flowers, yes. Yet, those sticky stuff (Honeydew, I believe?) that they secrete have brought about great jubilation to certain pests, much to my distress.

Anyway, I recently saw a recorded version of myself on video.

Despite always having knew, and accepted the fact, that I wasn’t at all pretty, I have been comforting myself with the knowledge, acquired from mirrors, that I am at least somewhat reasonable-looking.

It thus came as a shock, at having finally realized, just how utterly hideous I actually am (o_o) Deepest apologies to those who have had to endure such horrors in the simplest act of looking at me.

Curiosity kills the cat. Indeed.


    1. Hello, Hmmm (What a strange nickname you chose for yourself!) You are very kind, thank you. But I shall take it that you’ve never seen me before – lucky for you!

      As for the cymbidiums, I managed to do a bit of research, and through it, found that honeydew, nectar or sap (whichever they are called), the secretions are just sugary stuff which flowering orchids naturally produce!


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