We learnt how to use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator last night. That, I already have a head-start with much thanks to Kaiying. Last night’s lesson was therefore, more of a practice session for me. But I think my instructor was a little taken aback at how fast I “mastered” the tool, as he hadn’t any knowledge of how much I already knew. Hahaha, poor guy.

We were also introduced to pathfinder, which was good for playing around with negative spaces.

Anyhow, a Caucasian lady reached late and settled beside me last night. She had great difficulty following the lesson and I tried to help her as much as I could between her bouts of ‘I can’t do it!’s. My assistance was to naught, however, as she eventually gave up on the class.

I recalled the first time being introduced to the Pen Tool myself, I had then exclaimed to Kaiying that it was so hard to control! But the harder it was, I found, the more I had wanted to conquer it, and believed that I could if I only practiced enough.

Closed or opened, one’s mind certainly makes a great difference when learning new things.

I’m talking a little funny because I have just finished reading Dracula. The old language and boring parts gave me headaches sometimes, especially when I’m commuting. Nevertheless, I tore through the book because I couldn’t bear with all the suspense it was giving me.

I didn’t have the courage to pick up any new book the whole of last year, even though they had piqued my interest. It was because I knew that I would neglect all other important tasks at hand once I started on any. I’m a total sucker for stories. Funny that I should fall to the temptations of Dracula just when I’m at the busiest I have ever been in a long time. Oh well~


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