I downloaded the iBook in 4S two years ago but didn’t manage to read it because the screen is just too small for breaking me into classics. That was what happened with Pride and Prejudice too. My mum recently got herself a neat little iPad mini which I then hijacked so I could read this book at last. Reading on a device is not bad… I could read in the dark on my bed (though it’s pretty straining for the eyes) and the built-in dictionary came in very handy indeed. But I’d still prefer a paperback any day.

Dracula is written as a series of diary entries, letters, phonographs and telegrams arranged chronologically. It is ridden with suspense, I tell you. But at the end, the plot pretty much goes down to a typical Good VS Bad kind of thing. Yet, I didn’t see it before I’ve reached the last few chapters because I got a tad confused by Renfield’s character.

And at first I was a hundred percent sure that there would be a happy ending (i.e Dracula’s death). However, my confidence faltered shortly after Mina and Van Helsing met and they started consolidating all their letters and stuff which was totally the book itself! *GASPS*

That was when I started imagining the possibility of the story ending with a note from one of the ‘vampire slayers’ stating that alas, Dracula managed to escape their clutches but it’s safe to assume that he wouldn’t be in a rush to move to London anytime soon. But as a precaution, they’ll still keep this whole stack of records to warn the next generation of such horrors and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to find and kill Dracula if they ever have the chance.

Seems like I thought too much because -spoiler alert- Dracula died eventually >_>

Honestly, I think my version of the ending is so much more horrifying. Dracula might be right outside your window waiting for you to invite him in for a cup of tea your blood just as you are reading the book of records. *shudders*

Anyway, I wanted to read Dracula for the longest time because I wanted to know more about the original Count. It was thus quite disappointing to find out that we don’t get to know much about the Count at all. Who would have thought that the book got named only after its second lead?

“Yes, I too can love. You yourselves can tell it from the past. Is it not so?”

Seriously, what’s up with this quote??? Hanging me out there. I need the back story of Dracula.

And now, who’s the main character if Dracula’s only the antagonist? Mina, of course! She’s the IT-savvy, smart and virtuous wife of Jonathan Harker who pointed the team in the correct direction. I would like to point out that she also went all Harry Potter-like in her ability to peek into Dracula’s actions during the chase. Hmm.

One more thing I really, really need to point out is that it was a miracle Lucy Westenra even survived any of the four blood transfusions. Van Helsing really shouldn’t have just gotten anyone to give blood to her. I mean, yeah, he’s really smart and open-minded and all. But at least get a blood test first alright? She might have died of type mismatch before you even cure her for the loss of blood.

I’d say this was a fairly exciting read (not the last few chapters though, those were boring) for me.


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