Inner Mind Theatre


I haven’t been mingling much with my peers since graduation. Social interaction, yes. But mostly with adults at least five years older, or twice my age.

Recently, however, I got to meet up with a few of my ex-classmates at Daiqian’s 21st birthday party. Various circumstances led to an extremely long talk with Bertrand that evening. Despite me feverishly wrecking my brain, pulling out random (yet appropriate) things to say to try to keep our awkward talk going, we had already exhausted nearly all our conversation topics. I know you are reading this, Bertrand! It didn’t help at all that you didn’t try initiating any, grrr.

So I gave up and decided to just bore him to death with explaining about my decision to quit science, hahaha.

After thinking through all that I’ve said, however, I realized that they weren’t what I meant at all.

How is it that I’ve had ample time to speak but still couldn’t express myself properly?

It’s no wonder I constantly feel so damn misunderstood. Words fail me. I just… I can’t.


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