January 2015

01 New Year

Mum, EGG, Kang Wei and I played mahjong. I lost miserably hahaha what a way to start the year!

16 Daiqian’s 21st



23 Jillyn

I totally forgot about our date until she texted me that evening asking if it was still on, oops.

24 Kaiying’s 21st

The occasion went un-celebrated because work.

25 Steamboat at Grandma’s

Wasn’t able to make it initially due to work but coincidentally, June wanted to swap her shift with me. Wheeeee! Played charades with all the cousins that night and we had lots of fun.

28 Kow & Riju

Haven’t met these girls in forever! Finally, a catch-up before both of them flies off to Aussie.

In other news,

My heart seems to be making emotion salad, tossing my feelings around, making me sick.


Hyperbole and a Half

Feelings get washed away with time, until ultimately, they’re reduced to insignificance.
Makes me wonder, yet again, what our whole life is even about.


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