Gone nuts for nuts for nuts

VC1A – Logo & Shopping Bag

This was the class that started it all…

In our first lesson, the lecturer wanted us to choose a random object and come up with as many symbolic ways to represent it as possible by the next class. I happily chose a peanut just because. Next thing I knew, we were tasked to design a logo and shopping bag all based on the item we chose in the first lesson! \(-_-)/

So, I created a totally fictitious company (Nuts for Nuts) and made up all its nonsense just so that I could design a shopping bag for it, haha!



Shopping Bag

M1B – Poster

 photo Final Poster_zpsaokbowsq.jpg

I loved this class the most because we never had any homework and the instructor is super good at time-management!!? Every one of us managed to complete our final project without having to spend additional hours outside of class! Hooray!!! πŸ˜€

And yes, I continued with the peanut thing as I thought it would be good to have an entire package.

VC2A – Menu

We were given the choice to do up a poster, website or menu. I chose the last one because I already had a poster (see above) and we might be doing website in multimedia next term.

 photo PRINT-01_zpscwqzd7ad.jpg

 photo PRINT-02_zpsnd9txye3.jpg

I’m very happy with how the illustrations turned out πŸ™‚ But there isn’t really much visual cohesiveness when put together with the shopping bag.

M2B – Animation

I’ve tried but still have zero idea how to embed the video into WordPress.

Click here to see the animation!

Motion Tween is such a life-saver.

*UPDATE* Click here instead!



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