Gone nuts for nuts for nuts (Part 2)

I didn’t upload the animation previously because of a few reasons such as the following:

1. The nested MovieClips in the animation doesn’t play when I exported Flash to AVI.
2. When I tried Flash to MOV, the final product lagged like crazy.
3. SWF lags in my (probably too old) Fujitsu.
4. But works perfectly when the window size is reduced, and when played in school.
5. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to embed SWF files into WordPress.
6. Or even into the Internet itself, for that matter. LOL! #ITidiot

Anyway, I found a SWF to MP4 converter today! And finally uploaded my first YouTube video EVER!


So watch it!


Sorry, I meant… could you please watch it?


Alright even if you don’t, I still have a fan, hehe.

Said fan is none other than……….my nephew! He LOVES it!!! Evidence being, he says, “I want peanut! Peanut!!!” whenever he sees my laptop or my phone. *shows-off*

Okay. Bye-bye.


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