Think again

I found a seven-minute voice memo recorded on 31/7/12 in my phone and played it out of curiosity. It turned out to be a recording of one of Mr. L’s lessons. Here’s what happened in the first eleven seconds:

Basil: (random answer, probably wrong)

Mr. L: Are you kidding me? Are you going to break my heart again?

Basil: You never tell us leh…?


Here, I thought, “Hahaha, gotta miss Mr. L’s lessons!” so I continued listening…

Mr. L: In DNA cloning work, which enzyme do you use to prevent reannealing?

Khairul: (mumbles something)

Me: Single strand DNA binding protein?

Mr. L: Huh? Cannot hear!

Me: SSD?

Mr. L: No! Chapter 10!!!

Me: Oh, I never study *guilty chuckle*

Alright, maybe not. Just remembered I hated genetics, somehow managed to miraculously scrape a C for it and never want anything to do with that module ever again.


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