April 2015

02 Sick to death

Caught the flu bug from out of nowhere and it was certainly a strong one – knocked me out for five days straight.

12 Shouted at someone

It happened over a phone call at work which lasted around half an hour before I lost my cool. Naturally, I wasn’t proud of it and was more than ashamed of myself. But just like what June told me afterwards, that there are still many oddballs out there whom I’ve yet to met, I still have much to learn.

13 A letter to end all apprehension arrived!

It was all very dramatic. A visit to the paper house that night also left me awestruck.

17 SCC Concert

Collected a new passport from ICA in the morning.
That evening was a pretty awesome one filled with great music.

21 Lift from Min

Funnily, I arrived in class fashionably late despite that. *inserts laugh-cry emoji*

26 Avengers

Tiwi and I enrolled in SSDC that morning. Movie was great. Dinner, not so.

29 Theory Trial Test

We had an epic bus travel quite worthy of an independent post by itself. If I have enough motivation to create one that is.

If you ever feel like dying, examine your knee. If you’ve got no knees, check out your elbow.


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