May 2015

01 Pottermore

I remember being super-duper excited when it first came out, before getting all disappointed to find that only two chapters (or moments) were released. Though I’ve been constantly receiving email updates, the thought of returning just never occurred to me till Labour Day this year. Anyway, I was so extremely happy to see so many new moments and new reads that I spent the entire day exploring the site. Hehe!

Had to create a new account because I couldn’t recall my previous username and password. That means I get to get a new wand, and also, sorted all over again. Yay!

 photo Ravenclaw_zpshi9kgkf1.jpg

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

 photo Wand_zpscs2jjgxk.jpg

03 Modelling Fun

Played Plasticine with binbin before heading out for work

09 ADM Tea Party

NTU is so far away from home!!! But I made an acquaintance that day. We hit off quite well I suppose because both of us were caught in circumstances which are shockingly similar. We then went for the graduation show and the place was basically oozing with creative energy. Will I ever become as cool as them???

 photo IMG_9451_zpsrnyx2cve.jpg

Loots for the day. Well, I suppose NK Tan will be happy with my collection hahaha 😀

Headed to waipo’s house that evening for dinner.

10 Mothers’ Day

Busy day at the florist’s! 🙂

13 Dental

Tiwi and I passed our BTTs that morning (^-^) I got lost on the way to Toa Payoh Polyclinic and had to ask a kind auntie to point me in the correct direction! That was with the aid of Google maps. Goes to show how much sense of direction I possess, LOL.

20 Dim Sum with min

I crashed her class with Matthew the day before but both of us still needed to go for a final consultation as we were still struggling. Sort of. Luckily it didn’t take long, so we ended up leaving early and having dinner at Victor’s Kitchen before burning some midnight oil together back at my place.

25 Submission Week

My classmates from VC brought me to a Thai place on Wednesday for dinner while we were waiting for our work to be assessed. The food there was superb!!! 😀

29 Paper Cutting for Cheryl

 photo 486c1dd8-3feb-4c34-bfd7-4e7f1e788200_zpsju7yafd1.jpg

I think I did alright for a first attempt (^-^”) The process was deeply therapeutic as well.

31 Ta-ta!

Last day of work, I will miss my colleagues so much. They are the nicest bunch of people ever.

 photo Photo 31-5-15 11 05 29 pm_zpsdusu1hof.jpg

Not forgetting all the flowers from Henry, haha :’)


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