A List Of A Few Other Lists

#1 A List Of Things Siqi Needs To Do

1. Prepare cards and gifts
2. Design some stuff
3. Design more stuff
4. Help her mum with something
5. Buy groceries
6. Find a roommate (unlikely to happen)
7. Apply for hall without a roommate
8. Force herself to apply for camp
9. Take an okay-ish picture of her face
10. Start on a new book

#2 A List Of Things Siqi Is Afraid Of

1. Listing the Complete List Of Things Siqi Is Afraid Of here
2. People using the contents of the above-mentioned against her
3. Eyes
4. Unfriendly Living Things
5. Unfriendly Imaginary Creatures

#3 A List Of Things Siqi Ate Yesterday

1. Kueh Lapis
2. Tea
3. Rice
4. Pork Rib Radish Soup
5. Beancurd
6. Ba Zhang
7. Bean sprouts
8. Tomato
9. Fish
10. Fishcake
11. Mango
12. Banana
13. Yan Yan
14. Ferrero Rocher
15. Chocolate

#4 A List Of Things Siqi Would Like To Receive For Her Birthday

1. A lifetime supply of self-confidence
2. A handwritten letter from the gifter snail-mailed to her house
3. A visit from a friendly imaginary creature
4. A copy of the gifter’s favourite book (preferably fiction)
5. A jigsaw puzzle that the gifter and Siqi could play together
6. A small sewing machine
7. A cure for anxiety
8. A pensieve
9. A book the gifter knows she’ll like
10. A whatever that the gifter has put a lot of thought and effort into

#5 A List Of Things Siqi Feels Should Be in This List Such That The List Of A Few Other Lists Would Have Five Items

1. Jurassic World!!!!!
2. Yesterday, I Asked You
3. The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared
4. Durian
5. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time


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