June 2015

01 Spring Cleaning

I’ve forgotten how neat I actually was during my poly days. What with grouping my notes by modules and packing them away neatly after every semester, packing ended up as a breeze. However, I only managed to throw away half of said notes because I’m too sentimental for my own good -_-”

02 Lunch with Kaiying

Back at an old haunt of ours. The afternoon was then spent in bliss at the library. Such a lucky day it was too! For I managed to find three books (!) I’ve had my eyes on for some time but have never managed to procure 😀

04 EGG’s Big Move

First visit to EGG and Tiwi’s newly furnished flat.

05 A Day Out

Had lunch at Jack’s Place with Shuhui and Min where the three of us encountered a super weird restaurant manager. Madeline and I had a good chat for we were two hours early for dinner. Wished we weren’t though, or we could have avoided another weird guy altogether, sigh. Had a hearty meal at Brotzeit that night before heading to Jing’s crib for a few rounds of card games.

07 Triangle

Photo 8-7-15 1 45 10 pm

Teoheng, Strictly Pancakes, awesome company 🙂

09 Puzzle Mania

Binbin and I have been playing jigsaw puzzles every single night. He has now the determination and competency to complete two sets of kids’ puzzles all by himself, and he’s only two years old! Am I an awesome aunt or what? #brag

Anyway, I caught his jigsaw fever and had to expend that energy by transforming




12 Sok and Weilin


Besties from poly forum!

13 Public Garden with Min

The fair was far more crowded than I had expected it to be, we ended up spending our bucks in DTF, Uniqlo and Toastbox instead. Hehe.

14 Dumplings!


15 Temple, POSB, Jurassic World

Went to the wrong bank to settle my tuition loan hahaha, I’m such a sotong! But the kind man from POSB was kind enough to offer his aid nevertheless. Thankful (^-^)

16 NTU

Wasn’t sure where the medical centre was so I tried following a couple whom I guessed was heading to the same destination as I was. As it turned out, they couldn’t find the place too and my shadowing was subsequently discovered. It was rather embarrassing but at least I didn’t follow the wrong people this time, ha ha. After the health screening, I had to call Daiqian for help because I couldn’t find the place where I was supposed to submit certain forms even after having roamed about for an hour or so (._.)” What a day!

20 Victor’s Birthday Party


It was a relief Marcus and I managed to make our way to Studio M Hotel eventually. My summer santa stint was completed by delivering the last of the day’s presents to Sean, just a few minutes before his actual birthday ended. Mission accomplished!

22 Driving is fun!

23 Driving sucks!

24 I might just be able to do this!

25 No, I can’t!

26 Slow and steady…

27 Pleasant day spent with mummy

We finally tried out the legendary shiok maki! And spent the soon-to-be-expired Isetan vouchers.

28 Cash Studio with BFFs

We’ve been friends for 14 years and only until now do we finally hear one another sing?!
Joey, Jing and I saw another side of Sean that day.

29 Yes, I think I got it!

30 I got it!

(to be continued…)


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