Say hi

… to my double eyelids!

The left one appears whenever I’m real tired. She started visiting since idk how many weeks ago. The other is so shy, she hardly ever comes. Now that she’s here, I kinda wish she’d go away.

I dreamt that I haven’t started on 2D but the submission’s due tomorrow (well, that’s hardly a dream cause shit is real). Anyway, instead of choinging the work in my dream, I went out to have wanton mee with Charlene, Elaine and Eugene. It was a pretty run-down coffee shop and there were only two stalls – both selling wanton mee. The “famous” one was closed down so we’re only left with the disgusting stall whereby the chef have already pre-cooked all the noodles and vegetables and mixed them all together.

It was really gross and idk why we still decided to eat it in my dream, sorry guys lol. Anyway, while queuing up, DGG appeared beside me and demanded that I forward him some emails (which reminds me, I’ve yet to in real life…).

Mummy was also there! Then suddenly I got to learn that she sold our house for a one-room flat to share with some other auntie.

It wasn’t a good dream.


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