October 2015

01 Gothic Discussion

Too much light in a gothic cathedral! We are so gonna rock the presentation with our props and stuff! Content wise, well… *crosses fingers* HAHAHA

Had lunch at the Shrine of Emmarlene as Mingrui had kindly dapaoed for Elaine, Wesley and I ๐Ÿ™‚

02 2D and FD Make-Up

 photo IMG_2203_zpsjgx6hdev.jpg

Ahhh, project two is so difficult to conceptualize ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
We had an outdoor drawing session at Chinatown for FD make-up class. It was fun!

04 End of Recess Week

06 Gothic Presentation

 photo IMG_2317_zpsmhacvo7u.jpg

 photo IMG_2260_zpslxephkhk.jpg

As it was a ‘dark age’ and associated with the subculture, we got everyone to wear black!

07 Homework Club @ 4D Lab

Freda, Xintian and I have each found our favourite spot in the 4D lab. Goes to show how much time we’ve spent there!

08 Thursday Drawing Club @ 4D Lab

The drafts I did for 2D Project 2 the previous night were ALL rejected ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Drew a whole lot of figures that evening with Zhixin. We became acquaintances with John and Priya that day!

10 Jing’s 21st Birthday Celebration

BFFs for 15 years and counting!

11 Phototaking of Clay and Paper Models

12 Homework Club @ 4D Lab

 photo IMG_2426_zpsx5vom9qy.jpg

Camped there the entire day and night with Freda and Xintian, finalizing our 2D for print. We did it! Only left ADM at 5.30am (it was deadly silent throughout my walk back to hall). I showered and went back to school to meet the girls for breakfast which they promised, but then they fell asleep!!!

13 Awkward walk is awkward

What happened to breakfast?!! *cries* So I became the first to reach the class despite not being from the presenting group (Renaissance). It was the re-birth of the classical antiquity so they got us to wear white!

 photo IMG_2432_zpsp6pb0ahh.jpg

 photo IMG_2433_zpsxayal2nw.jpg

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

15 Thursday Drawing Club @ 4D Lab

Shading 8 faces seemed like a piece of cake as compared to the usual 5 pages of figures to draw, so Zhixin and I thought that we would be able to finish early and I would be able to attend CAC night. How very wrong we were!!!

16 Live model session

 photo IMG_2469_zpsh3i4zpcu.jpg

 photo IMG_2468_zpsnxtlmcro.jpg

Credits: Dee

Dee and Ryan can’t stop laughing at me just because I drew certain parts wrongly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

18 Art History Essay Submission

So glad I managed to complete it on time!

21 Homework Club @ 4D Lab

 photo IMG_2567_zpszbrqfuna.jpg

Tried painting some drafts for the last 2D project and edited Xintian’s critical writing essay.

22 Thursday Drawing Club @ 4D Lab

Didn’t have to draw this week, but we needed to come up with the concepts for our final FD assignment. Double exposure ain’t as easy as it is cool! We went to Canteen 8 to have ้บป่พฃ้ฆ™้”… for dinner ๐Ÿ˜€

23 Harmonica Mini Concert

 photo IMG_2615_zpsdhzhkpdm.jpg

 photo IMG_2614_zps0wi5bzfp.jpg

Daniel makes a funny emcee. Kinda regretted not signing up for any of the small groups after hearing Darrell and Christy play. I like Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree a lot, and Always With Me too!

24 Catherine’s Wedding Lunch

Loved the song list and food. Went back to 3D room that night to work on my plant with the usual buddies.

25 Homework Club @ 3D Room

It’s a sunday but… 3D whole day everyday. Plus to watch Edward Scissorshand for our 4D assignment.

26 4D Group Discussion

It just so happens that we’re all taking critical writing this semester so yayzers! Monday afternoons freed up to do 4D!

28 Homework Club @ 4D Lab

29 ADM Halloween Night

 photo IMG_2721_zpsfqkpo2jb.jpg

30 New Ponyo score

I prefer the old one T_T

31 Nicolas’ 21st Birthday Celebration

 photo IMG_2775_zpsv84zrurx.jpg

Went prop shopping and printing in the afternoon before meeting up with the rest. I got to learn that morning that Nathan and Nicolas knew each other! So that night, I had one of the longest chat ever with my cousin, hahaha! Anyway, Nick had a cool attic which we went to play Cards Against Humanity in and I was surprisingly good at that game!!! Just choose those that I don’t understand = win. Hohoho.

Took an hour to get home cause I missed the last 13 and had to take a detour. Only when I reached home did I remember that I’ve left my props at Nick’s house -___- blurcokfang. Thankfully, the rest were still there and I got Dee to bring it back to hall for me! Grateful ๐Ÿ˜€


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