September 2015

This space is about to be bombarded with updates of my mediocre life over the next few days just because I have an obsession over retaining memories. And because I feel that every day in ADM is worth documenting! Here goes…

01 Fullerton Healthcare

It was only the fourth week of school, way to go. I remember meeting Zhixin for dinner at Canteen 1. How I managed to make the 20-minutes walk there without collapsing, I don’t remember. Perhaps I had believed that I was made of anything but flesh, I had even wanted to attend CCA that night. Only after Zhixin’s constant nags did I relent and heed her advice. A brief visit to Fullerton’s later, I got some paracetamol, throat infection pills and vitamin c.

02 MC

Tried doing some 2D in the afternoon to no avail. Had dinner with Elaine and Eugene!

03 Thursday Drawing Club

 photo IMG_1050_zpsl4g7nnca.jpg

What people think Art students do

 photo IMG_1048_zpszlfoc2c7.jpg

What Art students really do

LOL just kidding, we do both. It’s just that I suck at blind contour drawing. Anyway, here’s Zhixin and Afiqah after seeing my hideous rendition of their faces:

 photo IMG_1049_zpsfjkbzhut.jpg

They are nice people for not abandoning our friendship after witnessing my (non-existent) drawing abilities.

04 Zhixin had a great fall

05 Mingrui’s 21st Celebration

It was a nice party, complete with an awesome host, food and company 🙂

07 Daiqian’s Farewell and Monoprints

So proud of and excited for her!!! :’)
Anyway, that night saw me slugging back to NTU to choing 2D after the BBQ party where I met some interesting people, haha.

08 More Monoprints (with Troopers)

We had the harmonica audition that evening which I screwed up due to lack of practice. So I got sorted into Section 3, the one playing the accompaniment notes, lol! Not sure if the student conductor was speaking the truth or merely trying to console me when he told me that I was placed there because I was the few who could play the lower notes. But errr okay, I’ll buy it. HAHAHA.

09 Even More Monoprints

Was done with mine around 10pm but went to school to help Zhixin. We stayed there till 4am?! That was the day our daily study (or project to be exact) group started. You’ll see.

10 2D Project 1 Submission

11 Polling Day Holiday

12 Mini meetup with Kaiying

I was fretting over Teal Blues and she kindly lent me her Nikon and gave some story suggestions.

14 iMovie

We had dinner in 4D lab where Shuainan taught me how to use iMovie!
I am so bad at 4D softwares eeek!

16 4D Project 2 Submission

My mood was so badly affected that day that I decided to skip lecture in the afternoon. Oh and in a bid to escape the hall’s fire drill, I went to find Mingrui in the 2D lab that night. She was teaching me southeast asian art history based on really funny notes that her classmates had come up with. Charlene and Elaine joined us after 1am.

17 Thursday Drawing Club

Mosaic drawing got me like asldkjfiaewojfmn. Got to witness the most epic rap battles of all time that night dawn, hahaha. Zhixin and I ended up not even completing the drawing.

19 Huimin’s Flight

LOL, picture from nYears ago because I couldn’t be at the airport. Another of my closest friend is flying off to the UK! I have never felt so sad and happy at the same time.

21 A night at the library

Went hunting for art history books with Zhixin to save our bibliographies. Most of them have been whipped off the shelves already, haha. Apparently, we weren’t kiasu enough ._.

23 Gothic Lecture

First time staying awake and not having my soul wander into lalaland during lecture. Of course I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t bought a whole bunch of snacks to stuff my face with.

26 Botanical Gardens

 photo IMG_2067_zpsb69tljue.jpg

3D make-up class where we had to observe the plants in order to make our own imaginary ones. It was a fun day where we couldn’t tell apart the times where Xintian was taking selfies or pictures of plants and that she kept saying “我要回家” and also, I think I took more photos of Huizhong than of any other plants! Had a fulfilling lunch at Carl’s Junior with Zhixin and Huizhong before heading back to school. Dined at Canteen 1 with Zhixin that night. A baby was screaming his lungs out over chocolate milk D:

27 Harmonica Camp (?)

 photo IMG_2119_zps6a2lao4w.jpg

It was more like a nua session, hehe. We learnt a new score (Ponyo), had pizza and played games.

28 Start of Recess Week

30 Troopers KBBQ

Met DGG for lunch near his workplace (he came to NTU to fetch me ^-^). Then spent the afternoon working on art history slides at NAFA after finally collecting my certificates!

 photo IMG_2187_zps8ssowml9.jpg

Look at our happy faces after the meat fest. We also went to have ice cream and a midnight shopping spree at JP’s NTUC, where Elaine succeeded (after putting in a considerable amount of effort) in stopping Charlene from buying all the snacks in the store.


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