November 2015

01 桃花源记开拍日

Filming took up the entire day, and even that wasn’t enough. A lesson I brought back to hall that day is that I simply can’t act to save my life. Many thanks to Freda and Xintian’s friends for helping us out, and Dee too!

02 3D 4D Critical Writing

Came up with a set of last-minute slides for crit while drowning myself in a moonage daydream because the 3D room was super noisy that night! Returned to hall at 4am to see this on my desk:

 photo IMG_2793_zpsw8jztilr.jpg

*sniffs* :’)

03 Snack Delivery!

Tongue got all tangled up during crit presentation. Needless to say, due to lack of effort. But at least it’s over! Stayed up to put the finishing touches on our plant. Darrell sent over some snacks from his welfare pack because he couldn’t eat them (LOL!) I am thankful for his kind gesture and for not having any sort of food allergy! Later that night, the homework club laughed their diaphragms sore at the pictures taken with Xintian’s photobooth. I especially loved Freda’s eyebrows 😀

04 Photobooth continued

4D consultation means sleeping in for two more hours! And, a second round of tummy workout! Caroline also showed us the cup song, after which we all agreed that she sings like an angel.

05 Drawing Club @ 4D Lab

 photo IMG_2848_zpsqykwgkjy.jpg

Plus indoor picture day for our plants!

06 Yun Nan Garden

 photo IMG_2835_zpsl5rycnes.jpg

Outdoor picture day for our plants followed by lunch at Pitchstop. Sometimes, when you’ve been rushing deadlines non-stop for too long, you tend to lose track of time. That’s why I only realized that night that we are just two weeks shy of the holidays during our last harmonica practice for this semester. I know! Crazy right?!

07 Printing

Bought a vase from CSM. It was super nice of Cheryl and Kimberly to throw in some extra limonium for me 🙂 Had dinner with the crew after printing and then journeyed back to the west to mug for art history. Huizhong is a bad influence. I cannot resist the evil temptation that is snacking whenever I’m with her, she’s like the modern-day Lord Henry. But we all know that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink T_T

08 Study Group

Seeing that I had managed to motivate Xintian, and helped her remember the different orders and their labels, I believe I make a fine teacher. Teehee :p

09 Stalking Activities

Did absolutely nothing other than cyber-stalking our classmates with Zhixin after our 3D submission, sigh.

10 EGG’s Birthday Lunch

 photo IMG_2922_zpsiwyavmyd.jpg

Le nephew only has eyes for the cake hahaha

11 Art History

The MCQ was nothing short of tricky. Helped in the assembling of the ADM welfare pack that evening. There were so many snacks in it! The best welfare pack ever!

12 Amogood

2D inspiration just won’t hit. Zhixin introduced me to Amogood, who makes an excellent storyteller. Where’s our sense of urgency? ._.

13 FD

 photo IMG_2949_zps14wk9uaq.jpg

We drew from 10am to 6pm with only a 30 minutes lunch break in between! *claps*

 photo IMG_2951_zpso9akawvk.jpg

Then Zhixin and I went back to our respective halls to get our laundry done before meeting at JP for dinner. I almost died carrying all my art supplies home, no kidding,

14 Paper War

 photo IMG_2996_zpso57k4ba4.jpg

My desk turned into a battlefield. It will remain so for the next two days.

16 Course Advising

Recommended does not equate to compulsory. Why do they want to give us false hopes. Ruotong is our heroine. Xintian and I punctured a few holes in our pockets after a trip to Artfriend. It’s a lie. Friends don’t suck you dry like how a vacuüm cleaner clears dust.


DGG is my hero for sending me to school. Can’t imagine how I’d have to lug four baggage of stuff to the west otherwise. Camped in 2D room overnight, cutting paper. Not as hardcore as Freda, Huizhong and Xintian though… hehe.

18 4D Submission

What would have happened if it weren’t for Ruotong?! Final leap for 2D. Apart from my slightly retarded senses, it’s amazing how I didn’t feel sleepy at all despite not having slept for >48 hours.

19 2D Submission

 photo IMG_3111_zpsxwtedpt9.jpg

 photo IMG_3050_zps4yogrr6j.jpg

And yayzers! We all managed to complete our 2D in time for submission ^-^ I was knocked out cold for an hour in the 2D lab while Mimi marked our work hahaha. The rest of the day felt like a dream. But the race isn’t over yet… a double exposure portrait still awaits us.

20 FD Submission

 photo IMG_3108_zpsqd7doatu.jpg

Was supposed to meet Huizhong for breakfast at Macs but sleep debt got the better of me, hahaha. At least I didn’t fall asleep in class like Ryan, LOL!

 photo IMG_3121_zps3ysdtb2t.jpg

 photo IMG_3123_zps1yk1vxe1.jpg

Had lunch at koufu and nua-ed there with the girls before heading back to hall for a nap. That night, we treated ourselves to a celebratory dinner at Pitchstop before joining the class at Hall 3. Played some wrestling video game which made me laugh till my sides hurt.


And so… the holiday begins 😀

23 Spring Cleaning

Cleaned up my mess in hall, ugh. I dunno what to do with all the 3D stuff.

24 Full Blood Count
25 Full Blood Count

Secret operation, hehehe.

27 Black Friday

 photo IMG_3214_zpszg8c4oaz.jpg

Shopped till we dropped. Actually more applicable to the money in our wallets, hurhur.

28 Nigel Gorgor’s Wedding

All I can say is… upbeat march-ins are fun and entertaining 🙂

30 KTV and Bedok 85

 photo IMG_3247_zps4ctpvtzh.jpg

Fun day out! 😀


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