December 2015

03 National Gallery

We saw art history come alive, up-close and personal, that day 🙂

 photo IMG_3268_zpswfhpg5mo.jpg

Incidentally, I chanced upon the above still-life by Georgette Chen. Did I single it out because it was a remarkable painting? Or was it because Huimin and I had spent countless hours recreating this piece with acrylic during our lower secondary IAP art days?

04 Dinner with Olivia & Madeline

05 Harmonica Outing // SCO Concert

Ended up missing both because it rained that day and I was lazy ._.”

07 FOC Interview

10 Lebin turns Three

 photo IMG_0554_zps8wxrotow.jpg

Week 01: 我不要姑姑去学校!姑姑不要走!

Week 02: 姑姑,你走吧!你去学校吧!

Week 03: BYE-BYE!

Wow is this boy is growing up fast 😥

11 Harmonica

Had curry with Huizhong for dinner at Canteen 16 before meeting the small group for practice. Poor Darrell got all the tough parts, hahaha! But that’s what you get when you are good. I’ll never have that problem. At least not anytime soon ._.”

12 Family BBQ

15 Harmonica

17 Errands Day

Met mum and EGG for lunch at valley point to pass him the concert tickets. It was such a pity our mini performance coincides with the concert day, I was really looking forward to hearing Mr Tang and other professionals play (T-T) Headed to sunshine plaza to print some stuff before hitting the library (^-^) It’s been a really long time!!! Met up with Huizhong and Xintian back in school before harmonica practice that night. It was a day well spent.

19 Performance Day

 photo IMG_3443_zpswuajjcve.jpg

20 Churros & Ceramics

 photo IMG_3454_zpsjouxa0sn.jpg

I swear, part of my un-girlishness lies in not having a sweet tooth. I couldn’t even finish one single churro. But it was great seeing Zhixin again. And as usual, the two of us almost got lost on our way to the ceramics exhibition at the Teochew House. Waipo made tangyuan that night 🙂

21 Dental

Something funny happened!!! As I was waiting at the reception after polishing, something big and brown zoomed by and landed on the sofa beside me.


The guy on my right jumped from his seat like he just received 50000 volts through his butt, and proceeded to arm himself with a roll of magazine. I think I did a good job remaining relatively calm even though I was sort of freaking out inside, hahaha.

22 Softball // FOC Meeting

 photo IMG_3474_zpsksmrh6ks.jpg

Watched two of my friends play, albeit in opposing teams. It felt good to be under the sun again after what’s probably forever. Lunched with Ryan and Nicolas before meeting our FOC team for the first time! I’m so super excited hehehehehe.

23 SP Reunion Day

 photo IMG_3493_zpspoarw5th.jpg

A day of nostalgia – lunch with kow and jolene, dinner with the researchers. Mr. Lui was still the same, though I should probably switch to addressing him as Dr. Lui now. Conversations with every person I met that day reminded me of the reason(s) I left the science field. It is complicated business, alright. But I’m really glad to have turned up for I wouldn’t have realised how sorely I needed that reminder. Besides, charades with the researchers was fun 🙂

25 Christmas

As with any other day, my family had dinner together 🙂

27 4310 BBQ

 photo IMG_3551_zpsuqikffhd.jpg

Because I’m too sentimental for my own good, that’s why.

28 Dinner with Sok & Weilin

Isn’t it amazing how some people can just click? It’s odd in a nice way that the three of us could have nurtured such a strong bond in just two weeks. This bond is incomparable to even those forged over a much longer period of time, say, four years? Mind-blowing indeed.

29 FOC Meeting

Still damn psyched up. That’s good, right?

31 Troopers Countdown

 photo IMG_3578_zpsmaadsaiv.jpg

4am faces.
Really enjoyed Mingrui’s game of jenga. It was a superb idea, and definitely A+ for her effort!!!

So not looking forward to the last week of holidays. Confronting the wheel after four months.


3 thoughts on “December 2015

    • Hey Angie, that was actually my first time watching a softball game. We used to play a little during PE lessons in my primary school but that was a longggggg time ago, haha.

      And thank you! That photo was taken by my friend, I’ll let her know you liked it 🙂


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