2015, ta-ta!

Although there were still times at which I felt extremely lost and confused, the second-half of my gap year started off pretty well in January. This, I owe to Huimin, as she was the one who has provided me with the temporary escape from Limbo. I cannot be more thankful for having signed up for the NAFA courses with her, for apart from reviving our friendship, it has also kept me sane.

Then in February, The Portfolio – Spark Of Siqi’s Gap Year was completed just in time for NTU application. That was followed by a nerve-wrecking wait throughout the whole of March. However, all was good as I had plenty of projects to keep busy with; an excellent example would be Project Mystique. In fact, this was perhaps the happiest period of my entire gap year!

With April came the end of apprehension and May, the end of my stint in FEF. June was mostly rest and relaxation, except for driving which was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. July marked the start of an entire new journey, beginning with ADM FOC 2015, which was hands down one of the coolest camps I’ve ever been to! Oh, and I was also upgraded to a Level Two aunt!

Once university started in August, I was officially a student again! They say time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Well, September, October and November certainly did fly by. Even though there was never enough time to sleep, none was also spent wallowing in misery – a refreshing outcome, considering all my earlier academic experiences. Sure, there were moments of self-doubt and the occasional so-what-are-you-gonna-do-after-graduation creeping up on me but NO MENTAL MELTDOWN! And that in itself is definitely an improvement.

Finally, December has gone. Yet I’m still waiting for power-laces, hoverboards, flying cars, insane fashion, Jaws 19 and re-hydrated pizzas. Still, I’d say 2015 was a good year 🙂

2016, hello!

There are a ton of things to look forward to this year – Y1S2, Harmonica concert, ADM FOC 2016 and Hebe’s concert, just to name a few. I only hope to live through it all and not disappoint anyone. As with the past two years, my new year’s resolution is to forgive myself for the choices I make, starting with the moronic decision not to apply for advanced standing. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

It’s tough, but I can do it. Things happen for a reason. And I shall take comfort in the fact that perhaps in another universe, an altSiqi would have enough sense to read the form properly and apply for her transfer of credits. So yeah, 2016, here I come.


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