January 2016

02 Nigel gorgor’s Housewarming

It was interesting to see how Sarah and Nigel gorgor stored their craft stuff!

03 Errands’ Day

Allocation of major, driving, special trip to school. A rainy day – literally and figuratively.


It was madness alright. Worthy of its nickname. The aftermath was… messy.

06 AMK Library

07 FOC Meeting

Coincidentally, it was SP open house. I ran into DR. Ken and was surprised he recognized me. Grudge. Anyway, reached home to have this greet me:

 photo IMG_3645_zpsblqg8nmm.jpg

Nothing cheers me up more than snail-mailed handwritten letters. Bonus since it’s one I’ve been painstakingly waiting for the longest time from one of my favourite persons on Earth. Thank you.

09 Watami with mummy!

10 Bursary Collection

EGG slipped while mopping his house. Frightening way to end the holiday.

12 Up and Down

13 Ups and Downs

16 CAC Bonding Day

Met many nice people and it’s such a pity they’ll only be acquaintances for just a day.

18 Fright night tour

Very very very impressed, very very very grateful and very very very overwhelmed. Please note that the abuse of ‘very’ is for fear of lack of emphasis, for even big words might come across as understatement.

20 Art History

 photo IMG_3734_zpshplqelkg.jpg

Interesting lecture on Buddhism. The above was a doodle on my exercise book to show Freda the texture of Buddha’s hair (or wisdom bump).

 photo IMG_3744_zpshnu4t5nk.jpg

Collage saves even the ugliest of paintings :>

21 BBQ at Sunken Plaza

23 Joy and Izuan’s Wedding

 photo IMG_3770_zpsy7xjgaob.jpg

Major throwback to UG days at the marriage of our Ma’am Joy and Sir Izuan! It was also my first time attending a chinese-malay fusion wedding. Quite an eye-opening experience it was.

24 Storystitchers

I had envisioned it to be somewhat like Jessica’s storytelling project when I signed up but those expectations were but the roots of subsequent disappointment.

25 Potato meeting and checking of stores

Poor boy and his look of confusion kinda reminds me of Len. Hmmm.
I’m so awkward I fail as a human being.

28 3D Shopping

Laughed our diaphragms sore at Daiso when we tried on the wastepaper basket hats.
Xintian’s laughter is seriously too infectious.

29 Blurcok Fang in action

I went to buy noodles with zero dollars in my wallet.
Even the auntie was bemused at my muddleheaded-ness.

30 Dream

He took her hand and led her on a run. The pair ran and ran and ran to somewhere far far away.

31 Ah gong’s death anniversary


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