February 2016

06 Last minute CNY shopping with mum

I don’t know what happened to the first week of February, it zoomed past just like that.

07 Reunion Dinner

Visited the temple in the morning as with every year and the feast began that night at ahmah’s. Sar gou specially made a ton of my absolute favourite snack of all time and gave us each a bottle!

08 CNY Day 01

 photo IMG_3928_zpswaek6ii1.jpg

Never a clear photo with this boy!

10 CNY Day 03

Fell sick on the way to school, regretted going for art history lecture. Spent the rest of the day in a comatose state with paracetamol. Saddest CNY ever πŸ˜₯

11 A day of 2D

Managed to check out the Valentines’ Day Art Market with Huizhong and koped some cookies from there, hehe. 10am to 4am, 2D all the way. Thankful for a strong-enough body to have tanked all these nonsense cause ain’t nobody got time to fall sick during hell week ya.

12 Missed practice 😦

Realized my body is made of flesh after all during foundation drawing. Here’s a conversation with the lecturer:

Don: Why are you not painting?
Me: I don’t feel very well.
Don: *surveys me*
Don: Yeah, can see it from your eyes.

LOL REALLY MEH DON’T BLUFF?! But yeah, I skipped harmonica and went home in the afternoon on a Friday for the first time in forever.

13 Dreamt of 2D

During secondary four it was geography and natural vegetation and then apical constrictions in poly. Don’t you love it when your brain does your homework for you while you’re sleeping? Woke up realizing that my supposedly finalized designs were all rubbish. Damn.

14 Harmonica

Dim sum breakfast, extra harmonica practice and steamboat at ahyi’s

16 Quizzical

Survived visual analysis cause I was lucky enough to have gotten Buddhism, the only lecture apart from Hinduism that I’ve been paying attention to. Wasn’t that lucky for HRM though. The lecturers must be judging my script 😦

17 Printing Day

Always a nerve-wrecking experience, sigh. Dozed off during lecture. The day Johnny came to say hi. Also the second time my shoe gave up on me on the streets and forced me to get a new pair in three minutes within entering a store. The only happy thing: a cardboard micro genius was born that night πŸ™‚

18 2D Submission

Photo Credits: Freda

I was very happy. But that was before the struggle that came with landscape painting on the same night. And a super pathetic night it was! For I forgot my hoodie and it just had to be the night which we had to camp over till morning.

19 Figure Painting

Despite the non-sleep and a night of chilliness, drawing was very fun that day.

20 Going Solo

Ahmah treated us all to a good meal that afternoon. I was a soloist for a night during practice cause only Trung and I turned up and he was playing the piano for Carnival of Animals. Look at how empty section three was. LOL.

21 Full Dress Rehearsal

Getting real excited for our concert!!! ^-^

25 FEF

2D presentation ended early. That gave me ample time to travel down to dhoby and CSM to run errands. It felt good to visit and I was glad to catch up with Cheryl and June that day! πŸ™‚ Also, saw these super fresh rainbow roses. I’ve never been so mesmerized by them before but their artificial-ness still gives me the creeps. That evening, I found that the monoprint room acts as a very good floral workshop place!

Freda, Huizhong, Xintian, Zhixin and I finally celebrated CNY together by eating mala at canteen one πŸ˜€ Then that night I stood awkwardly at ADM lobby, very badly dressed with a bouquet in hand, waiting and waiting for Lianshen who took forever to come. The first thing he said to me when he finally reached was “Aiyo, later people think you proposing to me leh!”

Thanks Lianshen, thanks!

27 Narratives

Haven’t done creative writing in a bazillion years. My story sucked and the character had no arc.


Sound tests and dry-runs took up the entire afternoon. Tin Soldier percussionists (aka yours truly and five other cute girls) had to rehearse how to embarrass themselves on stage later that night. Darrell said I need to have fun so that I wouldn’t look stupid and stoic but I thought I already did my best to loosen myself up, hahaha. Damn my psycho-motor skills.

 photo IMG_3604_zpslcpxqhya.jpg

I remember almost laughing out loud when I saw EGG flash his grin at me from his seat. The stage was super cold and my teeth were chattering throughout the first three pieces. Then we ended up messing up the clowning part anyway but it was alright because it was meant to be funny and I guess we did the job because Reynard couldn’t stop laughing. The backstage roared with laughter when Christy forgot to do her little trick during Can Can and then everyone went back on stage for the final two pieces which we kinda screwed up but salvaged the performance via the encore piece.

Super thankful for Victor, Gretel and Kareen for coming down to support despite their busy schedules. I think I made everything awkward when I introduced them to my family, or so Victor says. HAHAHA πŸ™‚

29 Is this even recess week?

Rushed back to school for an entire day of make-up lessons and consultation. Can’t help but lament the fact that I was supposed to be in Taiwan with the harmoc people throughout narratives (T-T) I do hope they have fun!! Leap Day was a bore this year.

And I left my tumbler at Nanyang House during our last practice so it’s all very sad because that means no teh-o or hot water for siqi.


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