Between the heaves of storm

Took one at a time

3D, Narratives, Presentation,
2D, FD, Essay,
Screenplay, Quiz, FOC, misc.

Hell weeks are over

Failed haiku for seven syllables can’t do the abundance of submissions and life’s conundrums I had to deal with for the past few weeks justice. And there’s still another wave coming. Hur hur.

Someday I swear, the urge to throw my phone away will finally overpower my logic of having to keep it. That day doesn’t seem too far off at all.

There are fine lines between being shy and rude, and being friendly and flirty. They are not very distinct lines but I do my best to keep behind.


2 thoughts on “Between the heaves of storm

  1. Someday I swear I will throw my phone away. And it will be the best thing I’ve ever done. But until then, I need to find a place where people can send me mail, an address where they can visit, a place to meet.


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