Art school ruined my body clock. 

I haven’t been able to fall asleep before 4am every day and, as a result, have been waking up only when half the day is already gone. Vicious cycle. Of course, there’s obviously a serious lack of discipline on my part. I just needed something to blame such that the self-denial can be sustained. I suck. 

Dreams and epiphanies have been popping up as frequently as the prompts for an upgrade to Windows 10. I love to dream but boy do they drain me. 

My date arrived slightly later yesterday and that gave me just enough time to pop by kinokuniya and dun dun dun I bought a book. Okay, anti-climatic, sorry.

Books are a luxury but also such worthy investments. 

Trying my best to keep from over reliance (of) and instant gratification. Guilt and self-censorship are not helping. It messes everything up. I’m in a terribly sorry state, just like my room. And I miss my best friend. 


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