Inspirations have I none

FOC is over and I’m so so so so relieved it turned out pretty great. Beyond thankful for having had a team of dedicated and efficient proggies plus their unconditional support.

Two weeks into sophomore year and i’m still in holiday mood. Not at all psyched for the first vc and typo projects, but oh well that’s what I get for choosing timetable over profs. Forensics feels like a submerged iceberg. Madness is dwindling. French can kill. But electives sure are a great way for making new acquaintances. Especially when you feel like a total idiot in class and turns out, the person next to you does too. Common experiences brings people together ya.

Old yet new; an unfolding familiarity – hall, harmonica, work-study and whatnot.

I really miss updating this space with all my routine nonsense, but such time has become a luxury. Anyway the real purpose of this post is to rant about my lack of inspiration for vc. Sorry to have wasted your time. LOL. Back to work.


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