I’m a teabag wishing to become a cup of aromatic tea. But being afraid to take the leap into hot water, I go around looking for people to do me the favour of dunking me instead. Yes, despite my fears of being scalded. How masochistic.

The bell curve is almost like a permanent standard. Sometimes I wonder, since there can only have so many successful people in the world, perhaps I should just live happily as a mediocrity. But I’m afraid of not living up to my potential too. As J.D. Salinger has so nicely put it, “I’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.”

Should I sit in comfort as a teabag and forever wonder how my life would be different as tea, or should I accept the challenge and endure the hardships that is to come? The only fear in choosing the latter is again, self-doubt.

What if I’m not even a teabag to begin with? What if I’m just juice? Or milk?

I don’t want to be ruined.

Ah, the conundrum!


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