Nail Nibbler

Why did I agree to take on this project?



Feeling so frustrated right now like ugghhhhhh.

It hasn’t even been a week and my nails are all gone again.



So much feels kyaaaaaaaa~

*squeals like zhixin when watching her dramas*

Find someone who looks at you the way Cop 663 looks at Faye.

Sorry I’m no fun to be around

I don’t wanna be taken so seriously.

I can be fun too!

I can, I can.

I don’t wanna be the alarm clock, the mum friend, the responsible one.

I wanna let loose and act a little crazy too!

If only I had the chance, I… can?

Oh spontaneity, you elude me.

Sorry I’m no fun to be around.


Beauty up my life, they did.

People: How’re you doing?

Me: Good, good.

What else can I say? I’ve been blessed with amazing people on this trip.

The rest is just my state of mind.

Yesterday was awesome

My mood tends to be heavily influenced by my productiveness. Jasmine said it is not the best way for me because I tend not to be objective enough to gauge my own productiveness. That, or something along the lines of me judging myself too harshly. Hm. But I can’t help it! Still learning to cut myself some slack, but not going waaaaaay overboard too. It is a process.

Well, at least I am back to finding joy in watching shows again. A major improvement from guilting and hating myself for not spending that time more… constructively.

Anyway, yesterday was great because I was super on the ball! :)