Gone nuts for nuts for nuts (Part 3)

No more nuts this time round, I promise! But I’m lazy to think of an appropriate title so…

VC3A – Invitation, Poster, Book Cover

 photo Photo 1-6-15 3 18 03 pm_zpswyw6f4fb.jpg

 photo Photo 1-6-15 3 18 14 pm_zpscjaodvhf.jpg

 photo Photo 1-6-15 3 30 20 pm_zpscnctp9mx.jpg

Awesome advice which I’ve been neglecting to follow, much to my regret.

 photo Capture_zpszjo6alv5.jpg

I didn’t put in quite as much effort as compared to the previous term because of the increased workload and other commitments. Ahem, that’s hardly a good excuse. Anyway, typography and colours were this term’s focus, hence the lack of images. I also tried going for a vastly different style from the cutesy kind I usually doodle (the invitation especially).

Was contemplating between The Matrix Trilogy and BTTF for the series covers but settled on the latter because it’s 2015! Need I say more??? But I feel like I have let Steven Spielberg and myself down. It was pretty last minute work and the lack of any DeLoreans to begin with is just… disappointing.

In case you are wondering, the pattern is made of the flux capacitor (It’s what makes time travel possible!) graphic. Okay enough babbling, let’s move on.

M4B – Website

 photo Index_zps9msolfol.jpg


 photo About_zpsfrpelbmw.jpg


 photo Gallery_zps3jsnhcyc.jpg


 photo Testimonials_zpsf0clhhbp.jpg


 photo Contact_zpszelbfmr3.jpg


This was the first project I completed! It’s a real shop, mind you, I only revamped the pages, edited some of the content and replaced some photos here and there. The pretty lady on the banner of the home page is my sis-in-law!

VC4A – Magazine (four pages + cover)

 photo Cover_zpsgahfdih1.jpg

 photo Anyone_zpspbsrdaxr.jpg

 photo Fly_zpssmm6egf3.jpg

 photo Heart_zpst1tu2urr.jpg

I was so full of hype upon hearing the news that we were to design a magazine that I asked Matthew if I could, instead of only doing four pages plus cover (which cannot be bound into a book), design an entire magazine! He said no much to my initial dismay but gradual relief as the deadlines ticked nearer and I still hadn’t completed any of my projects, LOL.

Rule of Thumb: Never attempt to bite off more than you can chew.

Anyway, I’m so glad I was kiasu enough to consult my multimedia lecturer on this project (LOL). The photo montage on the last page was a product of his suggestion!

M3B – 3D makes my heart go ping pong piang

This module is called ‘3D Animation’ but the second word remained irrelevant even after ten weeks (kekeke). We were to model, texture and light a scene then render out images from four different angles instead. I never particularly enjoyed my Thursdays for the past ten weeks because of MAYA. The fact that it is a powerful tool remains certain, but 妈呀! (pun intended) the sheer abundance of buttons and stuff in this software was daunting enough 😦

So I left this module to the very last, choosing to finish all my other projects first before finally plucking up enough courage to start on this a week before submission. Didn’t want to jeopardize my other modules you see? Anyway, I think I managed pretty decently:

 photo SUBMISSION2_zps0xnrqbmo.jpg

 photo SUBMISSION4_zpshbzjgavv.jpg

 photo SUBMISSION3_zpsmib9zhrp.jpg

 photo SUBMISSION1_zpsdozq4jhk.jpg

Couldn’t have done it without Mike Hermes!

My christmas tree didn’t have any decorations other than the star because my Fujitsu was lagging so badly (takes 2 minutes to rotate / zoom in) after its addition that I had to forgo the idea. Lights were also a tad too yellowish for my taste but I couldn’t change it due to the crazy lag (it was a miracle I even manage to render anything) So when Min commented “Wa shiok, super warm”, I replied, “Yalor, because it’s winter outside!” in defense :p

Anyway, if you’re a student, you can get MAYA for free and there are tonnes of YouTube tutorials teaching you how to model various stuff (I definitely recommend Mike Hermes!!!). So do give it a try if you’re interested!

Am feeling a little lost now that I’m suddenly quite free. It’s only temporary though, my to-do list remains as unending as always! 🙂




Pen and Colour Pencil

So many things to do, yet I’m plopped on the ground like this.
Wriggling around a bit, halfheartedly trying to get up. LOL.
Might really turn into a slug if I keep up with this sedentary lifestyle.

Never really got the hang of colour pencils too.

Material World


Pen and Watercolour

“I know, I know. But I don’t want to be rich. All I need is a simple life.”

The picture turned out so differently from what I wanted *cough* due to lack of skills *cough*.


Denim has this interesting texture that I can’t seem to capture using watercolour. Not to mention the ‘metal coated in green paint’, LOL. And the wood, of course. I could have done better. But I suppose people aren’t the least interested in my bashing of my work so… please enjoy the amateur typography, I guess? 🙂

Aside from that, this blog turns four today!

I switched from Blogger to WordPress four years ago when I started school at SP.

It’s amazing how time flies.

Gone nuts for nuts for nuts (Part 2)

I didn’t upload the animation previously because of a few reasons such as the following:

1. The nested MovieClips in the animation doesn’t play when I exported Flash to AVI.
2. When I tried Flash to MOV, the final product lagged like crazy.
3. SWF lags in my (probably too old) Fujitsu.
4. But works perfectly when the window size is reduced, and when played in school.
5. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to embed SWF files into WordPress.
6. Or even into the Internet itself, for that matter. LOL! #ITidiot

Anyway, I found a SWF to MP4 converter today! And finally uploaded my first YouTube video EVER!


So watch it!


Sorry, I meant… could you please watch it?


Alright even if you don’t, I still have a fan, hehe.

Said fan is none other than……….my nephew! He LOVES it!!! Evidence being, he says, “I want peanut! Peanut!!!” whenever he sees my laptop or my phone. *shows-off*

Okay. Bye-bye.

Since Thursday night


Pen and Watercolour

Meds are anything but of help. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might even be the cause of my persisting headache. What with all the sleeping and eating and sleeping and reading (leisure, not work), it is needless to say that my pile of assignments remains untouched.

Oh well, at least the hollowness in my limbs is gone.

P/S: Convenient, they might be, but traditional paintbrushes are much easier to use as compared to the waterbrush.

Gone nuts for nuts for nuts

VC1A – Logo & Shopping Bag

This was the class that started it all…

In our first lesson, the lecturer wanted us to choose a random object and come up with as many symbolic ways to represent it as possible by the next class. I happily chose a peanut just because. Next thing I knew, we were tasked to design a logo and shopping bag all based on the item we chose in the first lesson! \(-_-)/

So, I created a totally fictitious company (Nuts for Nuts) and made up all its nonsense just so that I could design a shopping bag for it, haha!



Shopping Bag

M1B – Poster

 photo Final Poster_zpsaokbowsq.jpg

I loved this class the most because we never had any homework and the instructor is super good at time-management!!? Every one of us managed to complete our final project without having to spend additional hours outside of class! Hooray!!! 😀

And yes, I continued with the peanut thing as I thought it would be good to have an entire package.

VC2A – Menu

We were given the choice to do up a poster, website or menu. I chose the last one because I already had a poster (see above) and we might be doing website in multimedia next term.

 photo PRINT-01_zpscwqzd7ad.jpg

 photo PRINT-02_zpsnd9txye3.jpg

I’m very happy with how the illustrations turned out 🙂 But there isn’t really much visual cohesiveness when put together with the shopping bag.

M2B – Animation

I’ve tried but still have zero idea how to embed the video into WordPress.

Click here to see the animation!

Motion Tween is such a life-saver.

*UPDATE* Click here instead!



I’m putting ceramic lessons on hold once again. This time, to make way for the two NAFA courses. Here are some of my most recent stuff that I haven’t posted before.

 photo DSC05996_zpsuf7ngete.jpg

 photo DSC05997_zpsctocohmn.jpg

From last time, my first attempts at using under-glazes.
I like that it has a watercolour feel. The black ruined everything though.

 photo DSC05946_zpsincfldab.jpg

Trying to see if under-glaze would “run” on a flat surface. I was pleased to find that it did not.

 photo DSC05969_zpsczmwc6zj.jpg

Flying Saucer. Am I punny? HAHA.

 photo DSC05998_zps4hcyutaq.jpg

Fishies! Was more confident using under-glazes this time because of the results produced from the above plates. This would be my favourite piece if not for the smudges on the other side.

 photo DSC05999_zpsjcn6fkcz.jpg

It’s like the fish are being vacuumed into another universe or something, haha.
Hmm. Seems like under-glaze would drip after all.

 photo DSC05959_zpsbpel8fb8.jpg

Them, cracks. So it goes.

 photo DSC05961_zpsvobbkiez.jpg

White stoneware was quite hard to work with as it was very soft and your vessel tends to wobble as you coil. It also has a higher shrinkage. It’s all worth the while though, as it has a really nice finish!

 photo DSC05955_zpskzuhobai.jpg

 photo DSC05994_zpso63sfjp8.jpg

 photo DSC05979_zpsklysbjzm.jpg

 photo DSC05986_zpsifpveyzv.jpg

 photo DSC05982_zpsae4905r3.jpg


 photo DSC05952_zpsegh5zuth.jpg

Raku mixed with stoneware. This is the piece I sent into the Dragon Kiln in November 2014. It wasn’t completely cooked but I kind of liked how it turned out. It has a natural subtle ombre effect.

Many other things I have decided not to post here, too ugly. So consider yourselves lucky, haha.

I can’t wait for June because it means that the two NAFA courses would be done and I can go back to playing with clay. June also signifies the release of university application results. I’m so sick with apprehension like ughhhhh. I think I would be fine either way, please just let me know asap even if you decide to reject me. I just don’t want to waste time you know what I mean? :S