I’m putting ceramic lessons on hold once again. This time, to make way for the two NAFA courses. Here are some of my most recent stuff that I haven’t posted before.

 photo DSC05996_zpsuf7ngete.jpg

 photo DSC05997_zpsctocohmn.jpg

From last time, my first attempts at using under-glazes.
I like that it has a watercolour feel. The black ruined everything though.

 photo DSC05946_zpsincfldab.jpg

Trying to see if under-glaze would “run” on a flat surface. I was pleased to find that it did not.

 photo DSC05969_zpsczmwc6zj.jpg

Flying Saucer. Am I punny? HAHA.

 photo DSC05998_zps4hcyutaq.jpg

Fishies! Was more confident using under-glazes this time because of the results produced from the above plates. This would be my favourite piece if not for the smudges on the other side.

 photo DSC05999_zpsjcn6fkcz.jpg

It’s like the fish are being vacuumed into another universe or something, haha.
Hmm. Seems like under-glaze would drip after all.

 photo DSC05959_zpsbpel8fb8.jpg

Them, cracks. So it goes.

 photo DSC05961_zpsvobbkiez.jpg

White stoneware was quite hard to work with as it was very soft and your vessel tends to wobble as you coil. It also has a higher shrinkage. It’s all worth the while though, as it has a really nice finish!

 photo DSC05955_zpskzuhobai.jpg

 photo DSC05994_zpso63sfjp8.jpg

 photo DSC05979_zpsklysbjzm.jpg

 photo DSC05986_zpsifpveyzv.jpg

 photo DSC05982_zpsae4905r3.jpg


 photo DSC05952_zpsegh5zuth.jpg

Raku mixed with stoneware. This is the piece I sent into the Dragon Kiln in November 2014. It wasn’t completely cooked but I kind of liked how it turned out. It has a natural subtle ombre effect.

Many other things I have decided not to post here, too ugly. So consider yourselves lucky, haha.

I can’t wait for June because it means that the two NAFA courses would be done and I can go back to playing with clay. June also signifies the release of university application results. I’m so sick with apprehension like ughhhhh. I think I would be fine either way, please just let me know asap even if you decide to reject me. I just don’t want to waste time you know what I mean? :S