Behind the Scene: The Truth Behind Mini/Midipreps

Hello dear friends on the Internet whom I have never met!

Yes, that was the great project I’ve been talking about.


The whole strip of comic seats on an A4-sized paper, so each frame is actually pretty small.


Before everything went dark. The darkness was stimulated by pasting a “dark filter” over it. And said “dark filter” is actually one of the many pieces of failed western blot films I had painstakingly collected throughout my internship at IMCB. Literally making full use of my failures, hahaha.


Adding limbs and eyes to each E. coli was probably the toughest part of this whole project.

Yet, it was strangely therapeutic.




Eyes (and some thought bubbles)


I had such a hard time cutting the eyes of those pesky competent cells! In the beginning, I cut them pair by pair before sticking on paper. However, after a few incidents of losing mini eyeballs due to sneezing and breathing too hard (lol), I switched to cutting as many eyes as possible and securing them onto my glue stick first before transferring them to paper.


The second hardest part was estimating the placement of each body part and clothing. I don’t know how Nicole from The Middlest Sister does it, her work is super-duper impressive!


My table was in this state of mess for two weeks.


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am an absolute hoarder. Apart from collecting failed western blot films from the laboratory, I also have a stash of scrap paper. To demonstrate the extent of my hoarding, let me show you the types of scraps that I (still) keep and the others I (finally decide to) throw away:


To keep, duh. There’s still so much potential in this piece!!!!!!!!!!


To throw 😦 You have served me well, now rest in peace.


To keep. Because I am running low on black paper and this piece still has some potential left.

So now you know how extreme I really am when I say I’m a hoarder. Ha ha ha :p