Pen and Colour Pencil

So many things to do, yet I’m plopped on the ground like this.
Wriggling around a bit, halfheartedly trying to get up. LOL.
Might really turn into a slug if I keep up with this sedentary lifestyle.

Never really got the hang of colour pencils too.


Material World


Pen and Watercolour

“I know, I know. But I don’t want to be rich. All I need is a simple life.”

The picture turned out so differently from what I wanted *cough* due to lack of skills *cough*.


Denim has this interesting texture that I can’t seem to capture using watercolour. Not to mention the ‘metal coated in green paint’, LOL. And the wood, of course. I could have done better. But I suppose people aren’t the least interested in my bashing of my work so… please enjoy the amateur typography, I guess? 🙂

Aside from that, this blog turns four today!

I switched from Blogger to WordPress four years ago when I started school at SP.

It’s amazing how time flies.

Since Thursday night


Pen and Watercolour

Meds are anything but of help. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might even be the cause of my persisting headache. What with all the sleeping and eating and sleeping and reading (leisure, not work), it is needless to say that my pile of assignments remains untouched.

Oh well, at least the hollowness in my limbs is gone.

P/S: Convenient, they might be, but traditional paintbrushes are much easier to use as compared to the waterbrush.

Inner Mind Theatre


I haven’t been mingling much with my peers since graduation. Social interaction, yes. But mostly with adults at least five years older, or twice my age.

Recently, however, I got to meet up with a few of my ex-classmates at Daiqian’s 21st birthday party. Various circumstances led to an extremely long talk with Bertrand that evening. Despite me feverishly wrecking my brain, pulling out random (yet appropriate) things to say to try to keep our awkward talk going, we had already exhausted nearly all our conversation topics. I know you are reading this, Bertrand! It didn’t help at all that you didn’t try initiating any, grrr.

So I gave up and decided to just bore him to death with explaining about my decision to quit science, hahaha.

After thinking through all that I’ve said, however, I realized that they weren’t what I meant at all.

How is it that I’ve had ample time to speak but still couldn’t express myself properly?

It’s no wonder I constantly feel so damn misunderstood. Words fail me. I just… I can’t.



Cymbidiums are beautiful flowers, yes. Yet, those sticky stuff (Honeydew, I believe?) that they secrete have brought about great jubilation to certain pests, much to my distress.

Anyway, I recently saw a recorded version of myself on video.

Despite always having knew, and accepted the fact, that I wasn’t at all pretty, I have been comforting myself with the knowledge, acquired from mirrors, that I am at least somewhat reasonable-looking.

It thus came as a shock, at having finally realized, just how utterly hideous I actually am (o_o) Deepest apologies to those who have had to endure such horrors in the simplest act of looking at me.

Curiosity kills the cat. Indeed.


Yay! Postcard from Daiqian!

(I accidentally deleted the image and can’t find it anywhere anymore T_T)

Please pardon the cliché, it seemed only too appropriate for the ink bottle and dip pen to be placed there as props, hehe!

I offered to send a little something back but she didn’t know her address in France, so she requested that I mail it to her Singapore address instead. To think that I was so hyped about sending an overseas mail! Booohoo.

Anyway, I then went on a Christmas card-making spree.









I made eight but only sent out seven of them because evidently, the last one was ruined 😦

Anyway, I don’t know if it’s because I coloured too lightly or if there’s a problem with my scanner but the actual colours aren’t as washed out or over-exposed as the pictures shown here. Hmmm?


I love snail mails!