What my brain does when I’m asleep

My dreams are getting stranger.

A few weeks ago, it was me lounging around and eating breakfast on a luxurious sofa, with some VIPs from my subconscious, in a huge classy toilet.

That, followed by Shuhui eating a giant salmon sandwich on the streets of San Francisco. Raw salmon. Sashimi Sandwich! Can you imagine?

And last night, I dreamt that EGG and I were actually adoptees escaping from our evil and brutal stepfather. The dream was set in China. Somehow, we met a few kind souls under an overhead bridge. They danced with us, lent us a few bucks, and pointed us to a nearby grocery store after hearing about our plight.

Everything was relatively cheap in the store, but the quality, not so good. It’s kind of like items you can find under the Neopets Money Tree. Mostly Old Rotten Boots and Pile of Dungs, but sometimes when you’re lucky, you may stumble upon something better. Something like… a Half-Eaten Omelette, perhaps?

It was our lucky day! Broccoli was on a buy-one-get-one offer. However, it was apparently a big hit with the other poor patrons of the store as there were only two remaining. A decent one, and a much smaller, very frail-looking broccoli. (Okay, don’t even ask how does a broccoli look frail. LOL. Just imagine a very malnourished piece of vegetable.)

Anyway, I was delighted and so overwhelmed by our luck. The last two broccoli!!! It’s ours! Yet my share of the money that the kind souls under the overhead bridge gave to us wasn’t enough to afford the broccoli even when they were at the price of one. So I ran up to EGG (who was walking along the shelves with mouldy bread) and pleaded with him to share his money with me so that we can get the broccoli together.

No. That was his answer. I even offered him the decent broccoli and promised to eat the frail one. But all I received was a straight refusal. Hmph!

Next thing I knew, the underlings of our evil step-father burst through the shop and I woke up.

Shuhui’s love for sashimi in reality explains the second dream and the Hotel King (a Korean drama that I’m currently watching) plot semi-explains the third. But a sofa, VIPs and eating breakfast in a toilet??? I don’t.

Why won’t EGG share the broccoli deal with me? 😦



You know you’ve spent too much time reading a scientific journal when you dreamt about lying on a wide net of apical junction complexes and then getting constricted by it. Tsk tsk tsk.

Furthermore, I also tried sneaking into IMCB at midnight to retrieve the ROCK files which I’ve left behind during internship (what???). It was a pretty weird journey, there was even a double helix bridge at buona vista (lol?!) and before I even got to the building, I came across a whole bunch of policemen and people dressed in blue business suits shouting everywhere at the epicentre (???!!).

Amongst the chaos, I spotted EGG strolling towards me. He asked if I wanted to go home together and I agreed (hello stupid dream state siqi, you haven’t got your ROCK files yet!!!). EGG and I then walked to some atas station and waited so damn long for the train. And that’s when I realised I forgot to pee. Oh, so the train came and I was so bothered about the fact that I needed to pee that I didn’t manage to board the train in time and EGG left without me.

What am I supposed to make out of these nonsense? LOL.


Dreamt that I was abducted by aliens last night. They injected who-knows-what into my spine.

Then I woke with a start.

Problem now is, what if it wasn’t a dream at all? What if it really happened but the aliens didn’t do a clean job with the time warp and memory deletion stuff?

If that’s the case, I do hope the substance (whatever it is) that they’ve injected can at least make me smarter.


Yum, yum! The bio-rad sds-page mini gel casting apparatus was surprisingly crunchy. Same goes for those microscope slides. Omnomnomnom.


I was a cell being viewed under a fluorescence microscope. A shy one, perhaps. Or merely another successfully transfected cell. For I was expressing Red Fluorescence Protein.

Aw, stop looking! *blush*


Chanced a small talk with Mr. Centrifuge on my way out of the lab yesterday evening.
Note: He was holding a rack of midiprep cultures.


Mr. Centrifuge dumped the rack into my hands and demanded that I finish up the midiprep before leaving for home. Flustered by the sudden workload and anxiety of not being able to go home early, I screwed up. TOP10 competent cell culture spilled all over my lab coat.


Upset at the thought of not being able to wash the soiled lab coat over the weekends as I’ve got to work on Sunday.




There was a shift in wind direction, a massive wave of sand particles and countless minute brown particulate matter started engulfing buildings. This huge sandstorm was approaching our house at an alarmingly speed. I shouted for DGG to shut all the windows.


BFF trip to a water theme park. The rest went missing shortly after, leaving behind Sean and I. Weird. He insisted that we play a few rides in spite of his apparent fear of them. Weirder. At the exit/entrance, Ahmah was paying for a ticket to enter the water park. Weirdest.


My iPhone was broken before the contract’s up. I was ELATED. There’s finally a legit reason for me to revert back to using my trusty (albeit a little dusty, and possibly rusty) Nokia 3100.


I strolled across the cross junction when the red man was lighted up.


Everyday for the past week, I’ve been having lunch with Dor, Lizzy, Sarah, Darcy and Victor. All is well.




The other day I dreamt that a gigantic black bee flew into my right ear. Its wings were still creating the bzzzzzz sound. I was so frightened that I tried to ‘pluck’ it out of my ear (maybe with a little too much force?) and accidentally detached the bee’s thorax from its head. FYI, the head was still buzzing in my ear.

Oh, it was more like a hornet. Or a wasp. It’s just really fat and black.

Woke up with the buzzing sound stuck in my right ear. Freakishly realistic dream.

Anyhow, I’m also very bzzzzzzz nowadays. Get it? BZ HAHAHA. Okay. Not funny.

P.S: It seems like I’m always crushing on fictional characters. Hmmm. I should probably marry my imagination.

Mix & Match

A few nights ago, I had this mashed up dream:

DGG had entered a singing competition held by my primary school. He was the only contestant and the judge was Ms Sandra Chen from AMKSS. I was seated in the audiences with a whole choir. DGG started singing (?) or maybe more of saying out loud the lyrics of the song ‘Memory’.

“Memory, all alone in the moonlight~ lalala”

However, he was interrupted halfway through by Ms Chen, who claimed that DGG had not the slightest idea of the meaning of the song. She also said that due to the above reason, DGG was not qualified to enter the singing competition. With a disappointed look, DGG left the room and I followed after him.

“What did I do wrong? Why didn’t you help me?”

“You didn’t ask for my help! And if I knew you were gonna sing memory, I would have told you the meaning to that song!”

All of a sudden, DGG disappeared and I was strolling in my primary school (MCS) alongside Olivia. She suggested we had MacDonald’s, which we did. The MacDonald’s was located in MCS and it was more like a cafe in the eighties. We sat on stools facing the counter, hmmm… like in a bar. Once we have settled down, we were suddenly back at my house.

Apparently, Olivia invited herself over to my house for dinner with my family. The weirdest thing? She was the one cooking and refused any help from me. Once she was done in the kitchen, she started sweeping and dusting since mummy wasn’t home yet. I told her to stop doing all the chores but she just wouldn’t listen.

(There was a third part to this dream but I can’t remember. All I remembered was that it made a lot more sense than the above two.)

I woke up confused. It was a swirl of events. I shared the dream with mummy and this was what she said:

“What? DGG in a singing competition?!??!! Olivia doing household chores?!!!??! It MUST be a dream.”

And, I agreed with her.